Semen Analysis

Ensuring a good sample is the first step to a good analysis.


  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 3 days and not longer than 7 days prior to test
  • DO NOT use a condom or any form of lubricant
  • Obtain specimen by masturbation or withdrawal method.
  • Collect the entire specimen into the container provided
  • Keep the specimen at body temperature (approx. 37 degrees C), by wrapping it in a bag, and holding under your armpit or against your body
  • Ensure your name and date of birth are clearly written on the container
  • Ensure the date and time of collection are written on the form
  • Return the specimen and request form directly to the Lab premises, between the hours of: 7:30am -12.30pm Monday to Friday and 8:00-10:00am Sundays.
  • Specimens MUST be delivered within ½ hour of collection



We do not provide facilities for the collection of samples