Clinical Biochemistry

With a simple blood test you can catch critical changes in your body before they manifest as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or worse.

Clinical biochemistry or chemical pathology is the determination of the composition of blood or urine and it includes over 700 different type of test.

When the appropriate biochemistry tests are conducted to provide information regarding heart disease, kidney failure, viral and bacterial infection, infertility, diabetics, high cholesterol, thyroid problems or measuring drug levels to make sure people are on the best dose.

Clinical Biochemistry tests include analysis that investigates a wide spectrum of illness, often involving detecting changes in a wide range of substances in blood and body fluids (electrolytes, enzymes and proteins) that change in many diseases. In addition, it involves detecting and measuring tumour (cancer) markers, hormones, vitamins, poisons and both therapeutic and illicit drugs.

Example test:

  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Iron
  • Etc.